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    I had a lot of fun hunting for a couple days around Thornton, Meservey, Belmond, Forest City, and Klemme a couple weeks ago. Would have stayed longer and hunted with a fellow forum member, but a sinus infection shortened my trip. We shot a couple each day and saw some nice country. I usually close the season down in SD east border, but that storm they had kept me south. My dad passed away in October, and he was born on a farm in Hanlontown and went to Thornton high school. It really felt good to drive the same gravel that he did 70 years ago in his Model A. He grew up farming with horses and milking by hand. As time went on, they moved up to a John Deere B, checked their corn in, and cultivated both directions. They might have used a 290 planter with check wire, but I guess IÂ’m not sure. Stayed in the Lake Mills Motel. The owner holds quite a life story within her. Very fun to talk to. Nice place, too! Ate several times at a remodeled bank downtown. I think the city refurbished it. Really great food and a bartender that can make a dirty martini that will have you slurring your words. Anyway, what a great way to finish it up. IowansÂ’ really nice folks.

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    I know how you feel. My grandfather grew up on a farm east of Eagle Grove. The farm no longer exists, but my daughter found an old plat map from years ago and we located it. I had been driving back and forth by it all the times I have been out there hunting and always wondered where it was. It's cool knowing I had boots on the same ground my gramps farmed as a kid, after all these years. I've had the pleasure of hunting there with a family that knew my Dad's first cousin. Still have some shoe string relatives in the area.

    And yes, Iowans are some really nice folks.
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