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Thread: New Browning Sweet Sixteen Help

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    Shoot the gun as for a while as one round is not a tell all. Try and vary the type of target presentations e.g straight away, rising, falling, crossing and quartering. Note how you do on each. If you continue to have good success than I agree the gun likely fits you well enough not to mess with.
    Thank you sir!! This was a skeet choke. I will indeed shoot a full choke and see the results.

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    Post the results when you have a chance to do so. Remember you're patterning for gun fit which is quite different than patterning to where the gun truly shoots or its true POI. Patterning for gun fit is done off hand just like you were mounting the gun to shoot a bird, the later has to be done on a bench rest.

    Something else to consider. Because of the possibility of having a bad gun mount it is advisable to shoot at least 5 shots one over the top of the other to give a better average of where the shot is going. A bad gun mount will be painfully obvious and will not align with a good gun mount when it comes to where the pellets hit.
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    I may do it different than others and may not be correct, but this is how I do it. Since when I shoot, whether at live birds or clay birds, I never see my barrel/s, my bead, nothing. I guess I shoot instinctively through repetition. That said, I am no world class shooter. Just a hunter who loves to shoot.

    I pattern on paper by marking it with a target/focus point, and then get into a natural shooting position and mount and shoot instinctively just as I would at a live or clay bird. I could care less if my bead matches my point of impact. I just need to have the pattern hit where I am looking in a natural shooting position. I would only shim or modify to accomplish this if necessary. Just my $.02 and works for me.

    That said, turkey hunting is a totally different scenario.
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