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Thread: Could hemp be a good cover crop for pheasants?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KsHusker View Post
    I'm of the conclusion that no one on here understands that wild Marijuana/hemp does not have THC and is not the same thing as plants that are grown for their flower/thc content.

    Quite frankly I would like every single drug legalized and taxed - kill 2 birds with one stone - cut off sources of revenue for the mafia/cartels etc, and increase tax revenue and take something that is in the shadows and bring it out in the open with reasonable regulation - proven time and again - if people are addicted or want something they will do anything they can to get it - just as well make it easy to happen and regulate it in a substantive way - not to mention Economically it's the only thing that makes sense.
    Fully understand difference between hemp and marijuana and the THC content. Just saying it tasted just like hemp or marijuana smells like. The quail crops were full of hemp seeds and they tasted horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhb076 View Post
    Fully understand difference between hemp and marijuana and the THC content. Just saying it tasted just like hemp or marijuana smells like. The quail crops were full of hemp seeds and they tasted horrible.
    I believe it. When I'm working on/mounting diver ducks my work shop smells like what they eat (a fishy smell). They taste a bit fishy too.

    I don't know if this is true or not but a gentleman told me the deer he shoots up north have a pine-like flavor to their meat due to the deer eating pine needles in the winter.

    Also, bear meat too. Spring bear taste different compared to fall bears which have been feeding heavily on fish to fatten up (where fish in a large part of their fall diet).
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    The Federal farm bills passed in both 2014 and 2018 made legal the growing of Hemp in all 50 states. There still are a couple of states that still ban it and South Dakota is one. In fact it is my understanding that there is a bill going through the SD legislature this year to legalize it but our new governor has said she will veto it. Obviously she does not understand what Hemp is. KsHusher is right, I think few people understand what Hemp is and think it's basically the same as Marijuana. While the Hemp and Marijuana plants are from the same family that is all they have in common. Hemp either contains no THC or less than 0.3%. THC is the ingredient that gives people the psychoactive "high". I just posted yesterday in the Main Bird Dog Forum on this site about using Hemp/CBD Oil for dogs. I'm going to try giving it to my Brittany that has allergies and see what help it might provide.
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    Native hemp is beneficial to upland wildlife;
    “…The weed is an annual of the edges, easily controlled in fields by cultivation. It doesn’t interfere with agriculture. Heavy-stalked and many branched, it provides great hard-core cover for upland game during the grim days of late winter. Gamebirds also feed on its seed, but the food aspect is less important than its value as cover…

    …And there are plenty of bobwhites in the hemp, as well as pheasants and rabbits. On a few trips through the rustling marijuana stalks, my hunting buddies and I saw enough quail to blow the mind of any bird hunter.

    …In 1960 a massive snowfall chopped the legs from upland-game hunting. It was the mid-1960’s before game really recovered. Wipe out the big, woody, strong plants such as wild hemp and ragweed and sunflowers, then impose even a moderately severe winter, and the consequences to wildlife would be terrible….”


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