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Thread: Eastern Montana 2019

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    There is a population of pheasants along the milk river, itís irrigation flooded fields, itís feeder creeks and dry creeks. Guys I know that hunt that way say numbers are down but not to the point of extinction. I will say the guys I know are mostly a one trick pony, primarily hunting Pheasants.
    Iím tired of arguing about this. If the state shut down the season Iíd comply otherwise Iíd keep hunting. Again your personal perception of the population is just that, there are plenty of successful hunters in NE Montana. How many give or take 10 hunters that have made the decision to stop hunting for the preservation of the species. I bet some had such horrible hunting they moved to waterfowl to have some success and get their dogs some retrieving work. But to do it to increase the population I just donít see it, unless they continually shoot hens by accident
    Iíve been very honest itís tough times out there, all I can say if a guy is willing to walk a lot he can have success, or get onto the right land.
    Pheasants Forever puts out a lot of facts about the birds. Even when numbers are low, hunters will have a limited impact on the population. This is America, if you want to put your gun on safe and let it hang, go for it, hopefully bird numbers will be better this year in MT, SD, and ND.

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    Weeks of sub zero temps, deep snow, strong winds, this is exactly the reason I chose to put my shotgun away for bird season. That decision will not bring back pheasant numbers, that I know. But, it is my way to perhaps contribute to pheasant numbers rebounding. I know some scoff at my post about numbers, oh well. I spoke to a local friend tonight, we spoke about the outlook for this spring with the survival and then the hatch, pretty dismal.
    Now to PTM's last hell with it, let's just wait for "extinction" then we will react...riiiiigggghhhhtttt. Maybe it is the "one trick ponies" you know, that your trusting. I will take the thoughts of people who have lived here all there lives, know the area, guessing most of these "one trick ponies" have forgotten more about bird hunting then you will ever know.


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