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    On the way to NW found out it's still a mess of mud, slush, water, ice, drifts and old snow. Time for a Plan B. I opened the walk-in atlas, and began hunting the area north of 70 and southwest of Minneapolis. Saw a few pheasant and quail. Bagged a quail. The sun set as I walked out of the last field.

    I headed to Minneapolis, a new place to me. The one restaurant was Mexican with decent food and an excellent waitress. I could hear the conversation of two hunters in a nearby booth and soon realized that I was in the presence of one of the great bird hunters of our time.

    The one motel in town was neat as a pin both outside and in. Entering the lobby I was greeted by the smell of curry. I've always wanted the curry I smell in motels. I gave it some extra deep thought and decided the next time I walked into a motel lobby and smelled curry, I would say, "Gosh, that curry smells good," and hope for the best.

    First field on Sunday was a 480 acres of bean stubble with hedge rows, a weedy draw, big plum thickets, and some grass - but no birds. At the Casey's a friendly local asked if I was seeing any birds or just getting some exercise. After some lunch, caffeine, and ibuprofen, I was ready for more. The quarter of CRP I chose looked promising, bordered as it was by unharvested beans and baled cane. But the grass was thin from drought and no birds were there.

    Gone four miles without seeing a bird. Decided to head home for some late afternoon potations and a steak on the grill.
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    Thanks for sharing. I've had some similar experiences this season. Birds have been tough to come by, but I've seen some parts of Kansas I hadn't visited before. Been to some cool little towns and met some very friendly locals. Have gotten some nice dog work from my soon to be 2 year old lab. I stayed in a cabin at Wilson Lake over New Year's. That too was a new experience for me. I really enjoyed it. No TV, so it was very peaceful and relaxing.


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