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Well back home I have a real job that pays the bills. My wife runs our dog business day to day and I work the dogs to see what they have for abilities. We currently have 14 dogs in various stages of development. 2 are retired at 11 & 12 years old and hunt some, I have one female due for pups mid month that I didn't hunt, then I have various dogs in the range of 6 months to 8 years old.

I want all my dogs to hunt first, pass their health clearances, and then be brought into the breeding program if it works out that way after 2 years old. I own a house in SD and have the kennels setup to handle the dogs so I bring them all and decide day by day which dogs to work based on the what dog I feel needs more exposure and the terrain we will be hunting. Even rotating this volume of dogs they get a ton more exposure than they would back home even after training on quail and running the grouse/woodcock woods back home. All our dogs are like our kids/family and I would feel quilty not taking them to SD and leaving them home in WI. They all deserve to be there and experience SD after working and training all summer long. The program works and we have made a pretty good name for ourselves over the years by following it. Hope this answers your question.....
I missed that you run a dog business, which I see the link on the bottom of your posts now - that also explains a lot to me! Sounds like you've got a great setup and dogs!