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Thread: Gladiator rooster?

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    Default Gladiator rooster?

    Hunting a favorite public marsh and the dog was working a scent back towards me so I stopped and he locked up about 15ft in front of me. When I looked down, a scraggly rooster burst from my feet and flew a very tight loop around me. I waited as long as I could so my modified choke would have time to open up a bit, but my feet were twisting to the max so I had to shoot. A large poof of feathers floated about as my dog retrieved the even rougher looking bird. Upon inspection this bird had longer spurs, one short tail feather, missing one eye that was completely dry, and missing alot of feathers off of its rump, some of which were already regrowing and missing feathers off both wings. Upon cleaning the bird looked the same as the other two from that day with no sign of infection and no old wounds that I could see. Just one tough sun of a gun that had some close calls as far as I could tell.

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    Obviously a smart, old bird. Good to get his kind out of the gene pool.
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    Most likely a rough encounter and escape with a predator, but yes a survivor at that!


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