As a 30 year old guy who has hunted pheasants since I could follow my father's boot tracks in the snow I am amazed at the resurgence of quail. I grew up in NW Scott county and hunted primarily private ground in the surrounding counties. I never encountered wild quail on any private or public ground until this year, I've run into a few farm raised coveys that I would need to call the dog off because they were as tame as chickens. This year I'm bumping into small coveys everywhere on public and private that are wild and spooky birds(by quail standards)I haven't shot at any since I'd like to see more in the future. The best theory that I can come up with on the repopulation is a combination of less upland hunters in the area, a couple of mild winters, and increasing difficulty in access to private ground hunting. I think this is allowing bobwhites to spread back into my hunting area. Is this holding true to other'd experiences? I am looking forward to this future hunting opportunity and I know my vizsla loves pointing those tight sitters. I wouldn't mind seeing the huns coming back either... I remain forever envious of my father's hunting experiences in the 70s-80s