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Thread: Public Land Prizes / Christmas Break

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    Is there a lot of people lined up waiting to hunt the land then? I am picturing something similar to when trout ponds are stocked and the info is released and it's shoulder to shoulder fishing.

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    There's a couple properties like that but they dont really advertise the days/times that they release birds. The regulars figure it out pretty quick and get birds fresh off the truck. Never understood that mindset but ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackrabbit View Post
    I am obviously not in the know here with this, but state stocked land? Wisconsin stocks pheasants on state land?

    Is it a one time thing? Or multiple releases throughout the year? Do they announce when/where the birds are released? A few pieces of land get all the birds or all the land gets a few birds?
    They have managed to make wild pheasants extremely rare here. They do stock birds for about 8 weeks on a number of public hunting grounds. Twice a week for a few weeks, then once per week after. Birds are stocked on different days each week, but there is an old guy retired system that always seems to know. I hunt 6-7 different areas. Always try to go weekdays. Take a lot of vacation in the fall. For the first time this year I actually saw a stocking truck driving home one day. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years and hunted wild roosters a lot. Much preferred to hunting wisconsin stocked hunting areas. But it is all we have. I dont have the answers, but it seems wildlife people here do not either. I dont ever think there will be a sustainable wild population here again.


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