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Thread: Hunting a field two consecutive days??

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    There is no such thing as a pheasant "routine". I have hunted the same fields (mostly private) for 13 seasons, every weekend (the first three seasons I also hunted during the week). As mentioned, there are many factors that change the behavior. You hunt a corner or quarter first-thing in the morning, getting birds out, or not. Hunt the same field three hours later, and you get birds out. I imagine they are not the same birds you flushed, but different birds that came into the field after you left. Were they out feeding when you went through the first time? In neighboring loafing cover, but got pushed by other hunters? Sat tight and you walked past the first time?

    Three weeks, and four weeks ago, I hunted the same 180 acres. First time, walked it clockwise. Got birds up in the NE corner, and SW corner. Lots of birds. The second weekend, we started in a different part of the field, and got birds up in the same areas. Hunted the same field at the same time the next morning, and got birds up in the same spots. Not as many, but still a fair amount of birds.

    Gave it a weekend off, and hunted it last Sunday. We parked a few minutes before sunrise, and about 30 birds got up from the NW corner of the field, as we were getting ready to walk into the field. Got only a couple birds up from the same area as we walked it. Then, walked clockwise again, slowly and quietly. The group of birds in the NE corner of the field still got up out in front of us. They apparently were on the west-facing hillside, and saw us approach. Continued walking, and got none up in the SW corner, where I have always gotten birds up at the same time of day. As we rounded the SW area and headed to the western-most part of the circle, birds flew into the south area we just walked. We were 5 minutes early to that spot, and missed our opportunity.

    That field is private-access, and does not appear to have been hunted by anyone other than my group. The birds seem to almost-always be in the same spots, but they also are aware of our presence, even though we are quiet as we can be in dry grass. I will try it alone this Saturday, walking counter-clockwise, regardless of wind direction (which normally dictates the clockwise approach).

    In other fields in my area, if there have been no other hunters, I can normally find birds in most of the same areas weekend-to-weekend. If others hunt the field, the birds are not in the same spot week-to-week. I try to give each field a break from my group every-other weekend, which seems to help, some. But, other days, I have no explanation as to why there are no birds where I normally see them. I have seen coyotes running out of some fields we are walking, so maybe the birds ran off when they were aware of the coyote. Or, the coyote went through earlier and flushed them out, and is just returning to its loafing area when we see it. Who knows?

    It sure is fun trying to figure out pheasant behavior, though! Just when I think I have it down in a field, they prove me wrong. Makes me want to keep hunting, and trying to figure them out! Love it!
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