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Thread: Taking my sons to SD for the first time and looking for advice.

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    I would also suggest having a sleeping bag candles in the truck in case u get stuck with no available help. My only concern when hunting late season is the drive there and back once im there i will hunt just have to be smart about travel. As waterdog stated should make for interesting hunt, please post a reporr when you get back.
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    If you decide to proceed, make sure you all bring your snowshoes. I have hunted late in some really rough and potentially dangerous conditions out there. A buddy heater, sleeping bags, snow scoop shovel, water, food, cables, generator, extra battery, are all a must out there late. Any road without a residence is not plowed, and cell phone reception is iffy. I buried my truck out there two years ago and found out the hard way. I was scheduled to leave on the 31st to hunt for a week down the east border south of Milbank. I cancelled and will head to Iowa and hunt near Forest City instead. If you have private land and a free place to stay down there, I hope you end up there instead. Good luck.

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    Rooster Hawk, How was the trip? Like to hear your experience as I plan to schedule a trip for next year.


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