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Thread: Farm bill

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    My ? Is if there is such a huge demand for hemp why wouldn’t they utilize some of the wild hemp growing in Nebraska or Kansas? THC levels may not meet spec. for the government but..... it’s already growing, doing well and has been for decades. The THC is what it is. But I’m no “Expert”
    On another note- I think The CRP acreage increased but the way I understood the prices were cut substantially per acre.

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    I will say on a positive note, I believe bailing twine can be made from hemp fiber... Then if cows eat it they can digest it. But better feed the hay ASAP because it doesn’t hold up to rodents or the elements of nature very well.

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    As industrial hemp is about to change our lives in a big way, South Dakota is one of three states (Neb,Idaho) that have laws banning all forms of Marijuana. South Dakota is the only state with laws in place to ban CBD oil (hemp produced) these few lines written in the farm bill looks to have these laws remaing the same. I think SD is missing out on a game-changer crop that looks to have incredible cover. What a shame7700A792-AA24-4430-BF8D-7B04B349BA9A.jpeg


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