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Thread: Successful WILD Pheasant Youth Hunt

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    I edited it. I am surprised that there are still wild birds. My family has owned property in Berks for over 50 years. As a kid, seeing pheasants was common. I remember chasing quail with a bb gun as a kid (donít worry, I was never able to get close enough to a sitting quail for a shot). I am not from a hunting family and I had to pick it up as an adult. I would love to see them take hold again. Personally, I wouldnít shoot any unless there was a major recovery.

    The area where we are has really changed. I donít usually notice it until I see old pictures. We used to also have good grouse numbers in the woods around there. They are really down recently. I am hoping some of the recent logging will help. I donít shoot them anymore except for farther north.
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