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Thread: Rascally deer hunters

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    Not sure who you are referring to. The original post was about unethical deer hunters. Poor ethics is not restricted to just those who hunt deer. And I myself have taken shots that I questioned after the fact. No one is perfect. But the actions described in a lot of these posts are the same sort of actions that will lead to a loss of hunting opportunities in the future. If the overwhelming majority of society turns against us, it will be mighty tough. As I get older I find I do not “hold my tongue”, or “cut people slack” when they act in an inappropriate manner. Those in these stories did, and need to be called out. Hunting isn’t about driving around in a car, or on an ATV, looking to shoot something. If we let actions like that identify us, it will be at our peril. Hunting involves the taking of life, and pain and death for our quarry. That bargain deserves more
    Integrity and respect than these people have shown.

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    BTW: Deer hunters complain about us pheasant hunters too.

    That being said, these guys ain't doing it right.


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