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    Hello to all and that for accepting me. Long time lurker here for the last couple years. Read a lot, learned a lot just wanted to bring it to the next level.

    Here in Massachusetts we do not have a native population of Pheasant. Mostly state stocked birds. But I still enjoy time in the field with my lab. Do some waterfowl hunting as well with her.

    Guns I have a few:
    Stevens 555 20 ga O/U
    Nikko Shadow semi-auto 12 ga (handed down from my dad) Love it!!
    ***NEW*** Browning A5 16 ga Sweet Sixteen 28"

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    Welcome! It's a great site..lots of knowledge here.

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    I live in upstate NY and have hunted pheasant here, in PA, NJ, and SD and that was 15 years in SD when I lived there. I have traveled through your state too and was surprised at the amount of rural area it has, as it is not known for that, which the same is true for upstate NY. As an advocate for state pheasant programs I am aware that Mass. has around 80 release sites, and many of them are challenging wetland and old field areas. As someone who has lived in SD, I am able to say that our release programs in the northeast, plus believe it or not - Nebraska, as well as Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon I think, Ohio, and Kentucky rival the pheasant hunting in SD and the other pheasant belt states - sd, nd, minnesota, nebraska, Iowa, Kansas... We need to really start to appreciate what we got, becuase if it was taken away from us we certainly would lament then!!!


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