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    I made it out to the SW again after Christmas just in time for a small snow storm. I was hoping that there wouldn't be much more than a dusting, but it ended up being about five inches. Light fluffy stuff so it wasn't too bad. Only one of my friends was able to make it this year so we knew we would have trouble getting close to the birds. (hard to surround them with only two people ) It was overcast on Thursday which sometimes helps and I managed a limit by mid afternoon. My friend couldn't connect on anything that day which is odd because he is usually a very good shot. Friday was bright and sunny and we couldn't get close to any roosters. Only a few hens flushed within range. I think that is the first time we have ever been blanked in the last 15 years.

    Saturday and Sunday things were back to normal and my friend recovered his shooting ability. A warm front came through on Saturday afternoon and made the snow soft and sticky. That made it much quieter walking and probably helped a lot with getting closer to the birds. Sunday afternoon was gorgeous. 40 degrees and very calm. It didn't last however; by 6pm the wind shifted to the north and picked up. Monday morning the temp was down to 2 degrees and the wind chill well below zero. We were tired and the dogs were very tired so we packed up and headed for home.

    Always different and always a good time; these trips are the highlight of the year for me.


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    Sounds like you had a great time Jerry! I always wanted to hunt ND in December but it's such a long drive for us (28 hrs w/stops) to come out twice. We had cold and snow around the 7-9th of Nov but I've been watching weather and it seems more on the mild side so far for this winter and we all hope and pray that continues!! My biggest fear is heavy snow shutting our hunt down if we drove back out early to Mid December before Christmas. Were you out near Lemmon/Hettinger area by chance? I've hunted Lemmon in early November for several years in the late 90's early 2000's then moved just east of the Missouri river and now a little west again. Thank for your post from your hunt and I'm glade you had a great time, amen!


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    We were hunting a little further north towards Regent, but I have been in the Hettinger area in the past. I would agree that 28 hrs is too far to drive twice. I only have about ten hrs and it can get pretty long. I do always enjoy the late season though. It is a lot more variable than October. (not that the weather is that predictable then) I have hunted in shirt sleeves after Christmas and other years been out in -20's. Sometimes there is no snow and other times I've struggled with snow shoes. You just never know. Always a good time though!


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    Jerry, Thanks for responding! If I ever decide to drive out again in December I will reach out to you via the forum and then we can connect via email and phone if that would be ok with you. I'm going to retire at the end of next school (HS teacher) so I will have much more time and I can take 2 days out and 2 days back if I need to. Right now we are hunting near Flasher for a couple of days then near Taylor (north of 94) and I guess not too far from Dickinson. We had the better of the hunt there this year along the Knife River. Not a crazy number of birds and nothing like we use to see around Lemmon in the mid to late 90's but enough to shoot your limit by 2pm everyday for 2 guys. Lots of Huns, several large covey's and some sharptails! Flasher area was ok but they are way down. We struggled to get 1-2 birds each per day. We also had some hard rain one day and that hurt us. All good can't wait till next year, anxious already! Thank you again and take care!


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