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Thread: Congrats Cockerfan

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    Default Congrats Cockerfan

    I don't know if he has been on here in awhile. Kinda guilty of that myself too LOL. But One of our long time UPH folks has had some memorable, and tremendous sucess in AKC Cocker field trials. He came here with a dog named Rocky. Started some interest in a hunt test or two I believe. Anyway, fast forward a few years, some life moves, and some more dogs. He has learned the game of field trials and turned that in to a couple national championships, and other placements. Pretty awesome. So congrats Cockerfan. Oh and I did teach him everything he knows LOL. . Not. Nice job

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    Thanks Ken! It's been quite a ride so far. I do believe that I was on this forum at the very start, and got a lot of help from here. You're right - lots of life moves and changes in the last 8 years! I now am more of a Ruffed Grouse guy than a Pheasant guy

    I've also gone through more dogs than I care to admit in the last few years, but I've still got Rocky, and apparently picked the right ones to keep. Good dogs definitely make the trialing game a LOT easier!

    I appreciate the congratulations - thank you!


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