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    Sup guys,
    I've had my 13wk old decker pup for a week now. So far he's learning how to fetch and basic obedience. I know terriers are natural bird dogs but I wanted something different. But my question is, what age is the best to introduce birds to him and what would be the best training regiment?


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    Hey MNDecker...don't know about the BEST way, but when I introduce a puppy--of any breed--to something I want it to pursue, I very selectively introduce the scent to the little beastie. In this case, I'd put a pheasant wing in an old ice-skating sock (or any heavy orphaned sock) tie it off in a knot, and then first just toss it for the pup, praise it extravagantly and never, ever play tug of war with it. Gradually, after you have trained the puppy that everything is sunshine and light when the scented sock comes out, take it out for only short times, in effect...make it special. Lots a laughter, praise, and some goodie treat after the session is over.

    Next is to make the pup stay in one room and let it see you take the sock to another. Come back to the pup and give the fetch command, let it find the sock and make sure it does, and then praise praise praise.

    Continue and eventually the puppy will fixate on the scent/sock/seek.

    Have fun and be safe.
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    I wouldnít encourage messing with socks of any kind because they canít distinguish a training sock from one in your laundry basket

    Teach it on squirrels or some critters that it can see to develop prey drive and gun proofing then shoot pheasants over it with a buddies flushing breed is how I would proceed

    Make a big deal out of the dead pheasant and it will pick up that you are after them

    But itís a terrier and will probably hunt everything you come across, itís what they do

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    I am not a dog trainer, but spending a lot of time with the pup and conditioning the pup for the future has been key in my personal situation. Lots of time spent in areas where wild game birds could be found. Get out on the trails with the pup let em run around and explore.
    I have a 15 month old Jagdterrier, at 7 months he went away to a trainer for, intro to gundog training, three months of, birds, guns and fun. With such a massive prey drive, it doesn’t matter what the quarry is, he is on it.
    The more bird exposure the better. The trainer I use does not care what kind of dog it is, they either get it or they don’t, if they don’t have “it” the drive to play the bird game, he sends them home, he doesn’t really like to burn people’s money for false hope. Yer gonna know if he has the juice.


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