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Thread: Truck/Van Rental

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyLow View Post
    I will be trying a bit further East this time if we end up going. I won't lie though... I am a bit hesitant to return after reading all of the comments about what people think about Non-Resident hunters. I have actually started looking into different hunts in other areas of the country but I am sure that is they way people feel no matter where you go.

    If I do end up going, I will make sure that the truck or suv is 4x4. Here in Utah it is rare to find anything that is 2 wheel drive... especially this time of year. We just received 5" of snow last night with more to come today and tomorrow.
    Ah don’t worry about the anti-out of stater thread. There is one every season. They get more entertaining every year. Same theme different players. It’s nothing more than a gripe fest. Kansas is a wonderful state to hunt with friendly people and wide open spaces.
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    Get out here and hunt! The anti out-of-state sentiment is absurd, and is NOT at all how the majority of residents think. Itís just people spewing BS on the internet. The vast majority of folks in Kansas are as friendly and hospitable as can be. I always enjoy seeing people from other places enjoying their time in our state. If you do decide to come, bring a 4x4 whatever you do, itís going to be muddy.
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