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    Hello my name is Austin I have been hunting since I was young but this is my first season on public lands for pheasant with my own bird dog. Today we walked close to 10 miles of WIA in Logan county and didnít see a single bird. I was hoping to find a partner to go with mainly on mondays that maybe knows better lands in NE Colorado. Iím based in Fort Collins but do not mind traveling. If someone with more public land knowledge wouldnít mind hunting with us I would greatly appreciate it. Itís a lot different than a ranch land with released birds haha. Thank you Iím advance!

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    Hey Austin,

    I'm also always looking for someone to hunt with! What kind of dog do you have? is he/she a pointer or flushing dog?

    Let me know when you plan on heading you and we can try and meet up!

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    Hey Upland112

    I have a Brittany Spaniel she is trained to do it all and have seen her do it on a training ranch we just couldn't find any birds when we went out.

    I plan to go again next Monday. if you have any areas you recommend or have luck in I am open to exploring new places

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