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Thread: Dog Shutting Down

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    The consensus from what I've read about sled dogs is that when they are working they are fed twice a day. However, all info consistently states NO kibble in the AM feed, but rather a wet meal consisting of a high fat meat source and plenty of water, basically fuel the dog can immediately use. Water can be often overlooked before the hunt but as one article stated dogs lose up to 30% more water through just breathing during exercise than when not, so hydration before exercise is imperative. Evening meals consists of a meat and kibble mixture after the workouts have finished.

    As a side note for me personally, I will often times use Sardines packed in water as a high fat, high protein source for mixing in with the dogs dry kibble. Even dogs that appear too tired to eat will usually gobble this down.

    Here is one interesting feeding regime of a sled dog kennel. Soup anyone?:
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    One more thing I would point out is muscles fuel is glycogen and glycogen uptake into muscle is greatest if you feed a carbohydrate fats combination immediately after exercise within twenty minutes of the exercise

    I water first then immediately feed one hot dog with a dog biscuit or hot dog bun when I put them in the box after a hunt before I drive off to the camp to take advantage of this phenomenon

    Im talking about the last hunt for that dog for that day not if I plan to hunt that dog a mile down the road


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