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Thread: Raise out of state fees!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobman View Post
    That photo of the setter with the pheasants is beautiful !
    Thank you. I talked with some Georgia boys while I was there, nice guys.
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    One other thing to ad to this thread. I am fairly confident that everyone's duck stamps nation wide have paid for Federal waterfowl production lands nation wide. Last I looked it is a pretty big number of acres.

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    I just spent 3 full days and 2 half days hunting in NC Kansas. I thought about this thread while hunting. I think (tongue firmly in cheek) I have come up with a solution that would satisfy the resident hunters that are concerned about non-residents killing too many birds and want to raise non-resident fees. Why not charge every hunter resident and non-resident by the bird. Maybe charge the non-residents 2 to 3 times the the rate per bird that residents pay. For instance you could charge residents $5/quail and $10/pheasant, non-residents would pay $10 or $15 per quail and $ 20 or $30/pheasant. Charge whatever the residents think the market will bear. Those that "slaughtered" the most birds would pay the most.

    My son and I just spent 7 nights in Kansas, bought food, and fuel every day and we also payed nearly $100 each for non-resident hunting licenses. We paid tolls on the highway, we paid for parking permits. I don't begrudge a penny we spent. I wish he could have taken more time off so we could have stayed longer. I will be making another trip around New Years bringing at least 1 grandson.

    My son and I hunted WIHA only and started hunting each day at legal shooting hours and hunted until last legal light. We only stopped hunting long enough to drive from one area to the next, eating lunch in transit. The weather was perfect. Cold and sunny with little wind. We saw lots of pheasants most were very wild (likely because of the light wind). We were disappointed in the number of quail we saw. We only saw 4 coveys. We brought 7 quail and 1 pheasant to bag. One or two pheasants were lost to inexperienced dogs. If we had paid by the bird it would have been cheaper on us. One of the reason for the trip was to get my 14 month old GSP some wild quail contacts. We also had an elderly English Setter and 2 somewhat experienced Springers along. We took turns with the pointing dogs and the flushers. If the cover was high and thick the flushers got the nod, and the pointers hunted the thinner cover. We had a great time.

    We also saw 4 resident hunters that obviously payed no attention to seasons or bag limits. Two were bobcats , one coyote, and one red fox. Those and many suspected non-resident hawks and owls were seen. They may have more of an effect on bird numbers than legal hunting.

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    I am an out of state bird hunter. I am headed back to Kansas this weekend for my second trip of the year. I will admit that opening weekend our six man party was one bird shy of the KS limit. I promise not to
    shoot all the birds! LOL. I have enjoyed reading this post.
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