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    Default Hello from Pennsylvania

    I'm a first-time member of UPH but a long-time reader from Pennsylvania. I've been pheasant hunting for 20 plus years and love it. Just thought I'd say hello!
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    Upstate NY here, but have hunted your state. I stopped buying a PA license the same year they closed the 2 state pheasant farms and instated a pheasant permit. I did not quit PA because of the 25 dollar permit, I thought that was a great idea, even though I am positive that the budget problem was a hoax... I moved north and mileage was the main issue. I also was concerned about the PGC obtaining pheasant from private sources instead of raising their own... For me and my wife to hunt as nonresidents a few times a year, with the new permit, and a migratory bird permit which we get, we would have been around $250 or $260... Those state birds from PA, NJ, and NY are as wild as the wind, and we dont mind paying to hunt them, but if they start using private or club preserve - quality birds we balk... Add more mileage and we are out... Hope they didnt mess up the PA pheasant program! I am not sure, but I think there are more pheasant hunters in PA than any other state?

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    I enjoy reading about pheasant hunting on the east coast - interesting stuff.


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