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Thread: Permission to hunt

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    Found a farmer stuck in the mud in his field, miles from nowhere. Spent a couple hrs getting him out. Asked if I could hunt he was reluctant but said yes. He said any posted signs this color u can hunt. It turned out he was a major land owner for miles around Winner, SD. Had more land than could get to. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by carptom1 View Post
    Remember Small MunsterLander Hunter? I think it is really him. No money, old broken down van, bitchin' about " pay to play" on here everyday.
    Quote Originally Posted by roadscholar View Post
    I've wondered the same thing a couple of times recently.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flushedup View Post
    Yeah, but this guy seems to have an above 4th grade level of spelling and able to capitalize.
    Small Munsterlander wasnít this fussy who he would hunt with!

    No country music, must know 6 good goose hunting towns in SK.ONE IN ALBERTA.Must know how to set up for adult snow geese, in the wind. Must know your way around a pre 40 a5 mag.Must know the 870 sp.Must know the names of the original, and current eagles members . Must know what song canned heat is famous for.Must know the names of led Zeppelin .no morning people, techno freaks. Must not judge a day of hunting, on bird numbers. Must like to have a few after hunting, or many drinks.must like an occasional drink while hunting.cant be from Ohio , or a construction worker.Must be willing to spend some money, but no bushwa types. No pay hunting, bust must be willing to knock on doors.Having a good way with these country types helps a lot, so having that skill , is a bonus, for getting permission .


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