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    Does anybody have a report for central mt., or a general report?

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    I've heard between Hilger Montana, and Roy Montana, has been excellent.

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    I usually do not like to give out locals on here, but i shall in this case, you are a master after all...….from lewistown, head east to grass range, take a right, heading south, when you hit i 80 in wyoming, take another right, head west...when you hit san fransico you found it, i am sure you will feel at home.

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    Husker, I agree. Goosemaster, you posted the same thing in the MN section. For those of us who have been hunting MT for years and have spent A LOT of hard work find ground to hunt hate seeing information given out like this. Let people figure it out for themselves. That's part of the hunt. By the way, I just got back spending 4 days in Big Sky County. Hunting was fantastic as always. You want to know where I hunted? I hunted in MT.

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    So, what's the report??

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    I've heard Dixon sd. Is good.


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