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    I pride myself on being an excellent windshooter, sporting clays and trap on the off season, but sometimes things just don't go right and you have a bad day. Missed 3 easy birds yesterday and lost two birds that were hit but not recovered(that is another story). Got so mad put gun away and ate lunch while partner finished out day. Looking back I'm not sure what was going on, will certainly have to correct a problem!!!!😠

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidtodd View Post
    My experience after over 50 years of shotgunning is that the first shot on a bird is often high , and if it is a crossing shot, behind as well, same as on a skeet field .
    When the bird is flushed a rushed shot normally involves the cheek off the gun ( hence the high shot) and pointing directly at the bird instead of leading and swinging ( resulting in missing behind)
    Regardless of the gun I am using , if I miss , I know exactly why and can correct on the second shot ( hopefully!)😜
    50 shots a year maybe🤠
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    I miss on the first shot all the time. Nothing to worry about. Remember the movie, Flight of the Phoenix, a real classic. Remember when he uses a cartridge to clean out the cylinders knowing that the engine isn’t gonna start. That’s what we are doing; cleaning out the barrel and readying the gun for the next shot. Warming up the barrel, so to speak. Don’t worry about it. You have two or three shells behind it just waiting. It’s a little more tense for me cuz I shoot a 20ga. OU, but it still usually works out fine.


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