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    Could have. Would have. Should have. Some days things go just right, some days not so much. Still had ANOTHER great day in South Dakota. Spent today in the area mid away between White Lake and Platte. Covered a lot of ground but was our best day so far for bird sightings. Problem is both Storm and I are getting tired and arenít in top form. Iíd guess we put up 25 birds today, but probably 1/2 flushed out of range (young dog that pushes too hard too fast) and probably another 6-8 that were small young birds good sign for the future. I should have had my three but didnít get there. I dropped one nice rooster in some thick/tall marsh grass and Storm just didnít seem to have the drive to search it out. Had another Cagy rooster do a Houdini vanishing act on us in a thin cover fence line. Heís obviously done that before.

    There was increased hunting pressure in the area and a lot more trucks at Cabelas today. Talked to a guy at dinner and to two other guys from Wisconsin both of which hunted in the Tripp area. The guy at dinner just said it was tough, but they saw a few around dark. The guys at the hotel got one rooster and missed another. They had a real nice Brittany.

    Today was Fun, frustrating, and humbling but I think I answered my question on whether weíll be back next year. Good luck to all yet to hunt.

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    519vx, Thanks for the reports. It sounds like you are having fun doing a freestyle trip. Safe travels.


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