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Thread: Todayís report

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    Pbr is just as good.One time I left a sleave of top flights.

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    You should bag South Dakota, and come to Montana, and hunt for free.

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    You should appreciate that we are into the season and frankly there are almost no reports. Iíve learned a lot from this site so try to give a little back in the form of a report fresh from the field.

    No I donít have access to prime private land and thatís okay. I donít need nor want to go to Montana. Itís more than filling up a cooler with birds. Maybe you donít get that or understand that. I belong to a really good game club in Wisconsin, and I could have a freezer full of birds for the $ I have into this trip for gas, food, hotel etc but Iím not here for that. Read my report from today and look at the picture of the single rooster I got with my best buddy Storm. Thatís why Iím here.


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