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    Hey everyone,

    I am getting ready to do some pheasant hunting this weekend. I needed to buy a new choke for my Mossberg 935 and the only one I could find was the Carlson black cloud midrange. Has anyone used one for pheasant hunting? I'll be on public land and will need to use steel shot. I was planning on using some black cloud #4 shot with the choke. Just would like everyone's thoughts.


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    Winchester dryloks or kent silver steel in number 3s run through your factory chokes will probably work out as well for you. Maybe better.

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    No experience with the Black cloud choke tube but it should be fine, although so would the factory IC or Mod. I would guess. I would probably try the factory IC or Mod to start and if you not convinced they will work then worry about aftermarket chokes.

    I agree that #3 shot would be better as it has similar down range ballistics as #5 lead.
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    I have purchased a Carlson extended IC choke for my Benelli SBII. I also went with the Black Cloud #3's because I hunt mostly public land so it is just easier to always shoot steel. It has been a great combination so far. I haven't had any bird that were not dead when they hit the ground. I also spent some time patterning and this seemed to be the best combination for my gun.

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    I've been using a Carlson ic in my 12 gauge, I've been shooting some steel bb's, as well as lead bb's, and 2s.I really like it.Puts out a great pattern out to 50 yards.


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