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Thread: Choke selection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt D View Post
    Not sure about the 20 ga investor DS. It the 12 gauge are more open than normal so I would highly recommend patterning them with the shells you are using. Give yourself the best chance at being successful.
    I have a 12 ga. Sporter and while that is true for the 12, it is not for the 20. The reviews I've read state the choke constrictions for the twenty are close to what is stamped on the choke. But as with anything patterning will show you what is really taking place. If full is too tight, You could just purchase another Mod and go Mod/Mod in a 20.

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    For my single barrel, I have grown fond of the Light Modified choke. For my double barrel I prefer Improved Cylinder/Improved Modified

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    I run Improved on 1 and Improved Modified on 2. Just a bit tighter than modified for the second shot. Texas Panhandle roosters are pretty tough and that extra pellet or two comes in handy.
    Fritch, TX

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    I use a mid range Hevishot choke for most all of my pheasant hunting

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    My lc Smith is mod. And full.

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    Here are a few of my pattern numbers to give you an idea of the kind of performance I get from various choke constrictions with a couple of 20ga pheasant reloads that I use. Of course, you'll need to shoot a few patterns with your gun/load/choke combo to confirm their performance.

    Patterns from a 20-gauge Browning Citori with 28" Invector-plus barrels and Briley flush chokes (patterns average of five, 30" post-shot scribed circle, yardage taped muzzle to target, and in-shell pellet count average of five).

    20 GA 2 3/4" RELOAD (REM STS, R209, BLUE DOT, WAA20F1)
    1 oz #6 lead (233 pellets) 1200 fps
    30 YARDS SK / pattern 147 (63%)
    30 YARDS IC / pattern 168 (72%)
    40 YARDS M / pattern 146 (63%)
    40 YARDS IM / pattern 163 (70%)

    20 GA 3" RELOAD (REM NITRO, R209, BLUE DOT, WAA20)
    1 1/8 oz #5 lead (190 pellets) 1200 fps
    30 YARDS SK / pattern 140 (74%)
    30 YARDS IC / pattern 150 (80%)
    40 YARDS M / pattern 138 (73%)
    40 YARDS IM / pattern 147 (77%)

    Pretty hard to beat a SK/M combo in early season and over good dogs, and moving to IC/IM in late season or in open ag field hunts.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscar View Post
    I have used skeet and skeet for years. If I need something tighter, I use skeet and modified. Most people use way too much choke.
    I'm with Oscar on this all the way. I like #5 copper plated in an open choked gun. I can see possibly choking as tight as modified with #7-1/2 but I really like the way #5 patterns out of my skeet and IC chokes. And I like the way #5 drops birds.
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    My Westley Richards - which is my main gun fir roosters is Cyl/Cyl
    I shoot 90 grains of FFG of Black in a brass case with 1 1/4!oz of plated 6s
    My 12 gauge muzzle loader is also CYL/CYL with the same load
    In my 20 gauge I shoot IC/MOD and have never changed the chokes from lead to steel😎
    I Also also use both guns for geese with no issues on planted or wild birds
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