Made it out for resident season today. Found some birds in light to medium cover. Got one group of around a dozen up that jumped up too far away. Got another group of around 20 and picked up one from that bunch. Followed that group and managed two more singles after breaking up the big group. Walked around the area for about an hour or two more and got up 18 hens with one rooster. All either in pairs or singles. Had a shot at every hen and the one rooster jumped wild. They were wild in the wind today as they were bunched up. Once broke up they held very tight, with the one exception, and the dog walked right up on them. Lots of standing water around and lots of crops sitting in the fields. It's going to take a while to get things dried out and the combines running again. Please take care when driving gravel and two track roads as to not tear them up. One of the biggest complaints I hear from local farmers and friends.