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    Iíve been thinking about trying some Woodcock hunting. I live in far NE KS with great access to forested areas and Iíve heard of folks hunting them in my area. The only thing is I know absolutely nothing about them. Iím hoping someone can give me some pointers. What type of habitat to look for, when do they migrate through KS, other tips etc. Of course Iím not looking for anyoneís spots just some advice. Thanks!

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    Hunt wooded creek bottoms when you see robins migrating through your neighborhood and temps just drop low enough up around Omaha to freeze their soil. Even then, they are pretty rare round here. Enjoy the bobwhites you shoot while you look for them.

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    In Kansas you will find woodcock on most of the reservoir lakes. Hunt actually down close to the lake shore. Where there are creeks running to it, hunt up the creek and stay in the thickest stuff thats there. I dont woodcock hunt when I go to Kansas but I do see them. Usually close to water. Areas that flood earlier in the year are the best.
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    Their main diet is worms, they need moist soil where they can stick their beak in the ground to get food. If the ground is too dry for worms, it is too dry for woodcock. We tend to find them along edges close to openings and you can scout for them at dusk, around the same time that woodducks fly. They will look like bats in the evening sky...


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