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Thread: What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?

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    Irish Setter Upland Boots...hands down the best I've ever had. Still use them after 10 years in the fields. Trade out insoles every two years. Wash them at the car wash at the end of the season, then saddle soap at home, then rub in mink oil and store them in the closet.
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    I wear LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoes, 10", uninsulated.

    I wear them with 2 pair of wool socks.

    They keep my feet dryer and last longer than any leather boot that I have owned.

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    For a reasonably priced ($200ish?) upland boot. The Danner Pronghorn has treated me well. Comfortable to walk in all day prairie, mostly waterproof. However, I have pretty much switched full time to my Muck Chore boots. It seems like each year, more and more things in the midwest are wet. Lots of times before you know it, you are in an area of water you weren't expecting- and nothing outperforms the Mucks when that happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobman View Post
    I’m about to buy a pair of these do they run true to size or do I need to order a 1/2 size larger or wider

    Oy...I don't know. Mine ran true. They seem plenty roomy.
    Also, now that I've got a full season on them, I will say the I.S. Elk Tracker 885's are my favorite boots ever. Ultra-comfy. Light. No break-in required. No toe stitching. Good gription but easy on mud pick-up. Easy on/off. Lightly insulated. I seem to go through a pair about every 4-5 seasons, & as of right now, these show no signs that they won't make at least that. The only drawback is that they don't magically make the water less deep.
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    I have been very satisfied with Danner boots. I have the “sharp tail,” but I’ve been told the Danner Grouse are really good as well. The Sharptails are the cheaper of the two. Mine have around 6 seasons in them, and no loose stitchings. Hope you find something you like, good luck.


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