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Thread: First trip to South Dakota

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    Default First trip to South Dakota

    Need some advice on where to hunt and what kind of cover to look for and when to hunt it. Around water etc... I would appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks

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    Welcome to the website and congrats on your first trip to SD. Likely won’t be your last!! Not to sound like a smart a$$ but would highly recommend going back through the forum posts and reading old threads. The answers to your questions will also vary depending on time of year you are going to be there. Lots of very good info and insights about private, public and ditch hunting techniques and tips. As far as locations look at roadside count info and then public land access and formulate an attack plan from there. One tip I would give is populations can vary greatly over just a few miles. If not seeing birds don’t be afraid to put some miles on the truck and go look in various areas. While traveling keep your eyes open and always be on the look out for birds and what type of cover they are using.


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