Hunting prairie birds requires dedication and perseverance. The seas of endless swailie grass and yucca. Miles logged under your boot soles. Hours of nothing. Your mind wanders. Miscellaneous thoughts roll through your mind. Your attention is drawn to the horizon the vast distances the few farm houses dotting the landscape. Occasionally a meadow lark jumps up in front of the dog. Your heart races as the movement catches your eye. The moment fades as the march continues forward.
The sun beats down and the wind buffets you. The dog gets birdy for a moment when a large bird bursts from the grass. It takes but a breath to make sure itís not a hen pheasant. The gun mount begins when other prairie chickens flush from the grass. You swing through the first bird and slap the trigger. The bird folds at the shot. Another bird jumps from the grass. A shot rings out and another bird crashes into the grass as the dog brings back the first downed bird. Your day just ended. A limit of prairie chickens in your bird vest. A water break with the dog and then the long walk back to the truck. The walk back is quicker as it is a direct line.

I truly like hunting covey birds the best. It is upland bird hunting at its very best. The eruption of wings and the scattering of birds in every direction. We are lucky living here in the West. In Colorado we have 5 different species of grouse to chase and several adjoining states with excellent opportunities to pursue these birds. Each species lives in a different environment from the open tundra above timberline, the wide-open sage flats, and the sea of open prairie.

I start hunting prairie chickens in mid-September when the season opens in KS. My hunting partner and I have been out the last three weekends and managed to get into birds. After this weekend there will is a pause in the season, so I will continue either in Colorado or Nebraska. Colorado only allows two birds per year and Nebraska allows three a day. Out of state tags are not expensive when you think about what opportunities you can take advantage of.