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Thread: 16 gauge; It really is a illness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotazeb View Post
    Look for a used Browning Citori. They have made a 16 ga. in several models of the Citori. I've had a White Lightning for over 10 years and love it.
    mutthunt... I second this recommendation. I lucked into my 1980 field grade Citori in 16 for $750.00. It was cut down and had a morgan pad on it and is well used but it is a great gun. That Franchi looks like a winner too. My son has a Franchi semi auto in 12 for ducks and it's a performer.
    Good luck.
    Ithaca Flues 16 gauge (1921)
    Ithaca NID 16 gauge (1935)
    Ithaca Two Bolt hammer side by side 12 gauge (1912)
    Ithaca 51 Magnum 20 gauge
    Browning Citori 16 gauge
    Savage 720 16 gauge (1939)
    Marlin 90 16 gauge (1944)
    Ithaca 37's pump 16 gauge (1941 and 1952)

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    I have both old and new. Have a Citori Gran Lightning with outstanding wood that I love and a new Browing A5 Sweet Sixteen that I think is going to be a dream to carry at 5lbs, 13 oz. Also have a older Sweet Sixteen, a couple older SxS's and a Model 12. Some I like and use better than others but use them all.

    Exactly what this thread is all about. The addiction. It is a slippery slope and there is no cure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jalinkly View Post
    The addiction. It is a slippery slope and there is no cure.
    Thank goodness. Not many times you can truly say, "I'm really sick but feel great!!"
    "Deader is better."


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