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Thread: Grouse/Hun Opener

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    It is all about priorities. I choose self-employment that gives me the opportunity to take off if the tide and marine forecast is right to go fishing. When I was full time I worked 50 plus hour weeks, but they were my hours. Now that I am semi-retired I hope to give B-banger's time in the fields a run for it. Will be in MT, ND, and SD late in Oct and early Nov. If you see a gimpy old f*** running Goldens stop and say Hi.

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    just returned from my 2nd ND sharpy buddy had a fitbit on his wrist...we walked about 45 miles over the course of the 3.5 days we hunted. I averaged a grouse every 5 miles, or about every 1.75 hours or so. we hunted 3 different areas, about 150 mile swath of the state...most areas had decent bird numbers, some really good, some not so good, but we contacted birds in about 90% of the fields we was a spectacular day in, spot we hunted, dog work, the way the hunt turned out, etc...quite a day...

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    Glad to hear something other than gloom and doom. Good dog work always trumps birds bagged anyway!!


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