Hi Foxmann

The activity on this site has been slow so I have not been around lately. I live between Newman and Gustine and know these wildlife areas well. Forget O'Neil Forebay and Cottonwood Creek unless it is a special hunt with planted birds. There are no wild birds there. I hunt the North Grasslands Wildlife area, specifically China Island. It is minutes from my house and I know the refuges well. There are a decent number of wild birds but it has been too dry with birds flushing well out of range. I went the first day but got nothing but a hen flush. Others told be they saw a good number of birds take off well out of range. I run into the manager a few times of year in Gustine getting coffee. He says the bird numbers looked really good this year. I am going to try again once we get some rain and moisture on the ground. Salt Slough and Los Banos are good and I also really like San Luis NWR. Underrated. It is more of a duck spot but I like the pheasant cover there and it has breaks which I like instead of the huge fields.