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Thread: Entry Level Gun For The Wife

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    Yes, semi-autos will have less recoil over a pump or O/U. But bird shot does not have a lot of recoil, imo.
    If she opts for a 20ga or 410, it will be even more manageable for a smaller frame person.
    I have seen teenage girls and small frame women compete in trap with o/u shotguns. No reason your wife can't handle it, unless it's just preference.

    Has your wife tried trap shooting or practice shooting bird shot? If not, I suggest maybe taking her to a range that rents shotguns and let her try some out to get a feel for it.

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    She hasn't tried shooting anything yet, she has her FA safety field day in mid September and then is signed up for a few ladies nights at a gun range.
    Greta - 2 year old Small Munsterlander

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    Let her shoot some of the guns at the range and the classes she's taking, if they have guns for the petit. If not, you'll have to get her something soon or she'll be discouraged by the poor fit and overweight guns. But she has access to decent fitting guns in these venues, let her get some shooting experience so she may have an idea of what she might want. While a gas 20ga is a soft shooter, I prefer hunting with partners that have break action guns as I prefer them as well. Look at used guns as well. So many people categorically rule out used guns and miss out on many great guns that can be had for much less than new. While I've bought my share of new guns, I've bought many times more used guns.


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