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Thread: SW ND Farm House for Rent to Hunters

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    Default SW ND Farm House for Rent to Hunters

    Recently remodeled farm house that we are renting out to hunters. North of between Mott and Elgin North Dakota. Lots of PLOTS land in the area, we have had good rain and the pheasant population is looking good.
    Message us if interested.
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    what are the rates

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    40$ a night, per person. Sleeps 7 comfortably.

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    Can you provide more details on property and availability

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    Badgerfb, send me a private message if you want and I can give you my email. Have had 3 reservations for the house recently. Still some available dates in Oct and Nov.

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    Had a few questions about dogs.... Yes dogs are welcome, this is a farmhouse that has been renovated, but still a farmhouse...

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    Have had several questions about dates open for reservations. As of today we still have about 8 days open in October and 7 days open in November. Last 3 weeks of Dec is open as well. Keeping a day or two in-between reservations for the cleaning crew to come in.


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