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Thread: Gear ?'s

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    Filson Tin Cloth pants and Browning Bird-n-lite strap vest

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    For warm to mild temps: Columbia upland pants
    Cool to cold temps: L.L. Bean upland pants w/articulated knee
    Wet conditions: Cabelas Gortex lined upland pants

    Vest: Filson strap

    Field coat: Cabelas


    Warm to cool temps: Danner Fort Lewis

    Cold temps: Danner Elk Hunter w/600 Thisulate
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    My last three pairs have been jeans with nylon facing. One each of Columbia (too baggy), Wrangler (too slim), and Cabela's (about right). I'm ready for a new pair this fall. Hunting central Kansas I only need long underwear about 2-3 days per year, but all of us have a different internal thermostat. I also have a pair of waxed cotton chaps, Cabela's house brand (Filson knock-offs). They only come out if there's snow or ice. There's been precious little of that for the last several years.

    Some of my friends wear nylon chaps, but they always look heavy and hot to me. Cheesy's point about hunting multiple days makes sense, but I rarely go more than 2 days in row. I'll wear the same jeans for two days.

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    I highly recommend the upland briar pants from Orvis they're a bit expensive but well worth the price.


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