Hi all, I have up for sale a next to new 28ga Dickinson SxS. This gun is in excellent condition with no digs, dents, scratches or damage to either the stock or barrels. The stock has a poly finish (when you look at the pictures of the stock, it looks like it's scratched up, but it's just the lighting). The trigger pulls are light, clean and crisp. Ejectors work fine. No issues or problems with this gun at all.

Here are the specs:

Weight: 5lbs 6oz
LOP: 14 5/8"
DAC: 1 3/8"
DAH: 2"
Cast: 0
Bbl Length: 28"
Chokes: 5 tubes with friction wrench

The bore mics out at .546 in both bbls

The tubes mic out as follows:

Cyl: .000
IC: .003
Mod: .008
IM: .015
Full: .019

Asking $1450.00 and $25.00 shipping to your FFL

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking!