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    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for good public areas to hunt during the first weekend of the SD youth hunt. It will be my daughters first pheasant hunt and we've never been to SD. I am considering the Chamberlin area, but if there are other areas that may offer a little better opportunity or more public land to hunt on I'd appreciate any suggestions. We are coming from the Twin Cities area in MN. Thanks in advance.

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    Someplace cool. It always seems to be pretty warm that early in October. The area just NE of Geddes is nice. Lots of smallish spots & not far between them.
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    Hunted NE last year granddaughters first time. 85 and sunny first day by noon, to warm for dogs. Next day same but she was done by noon. Wounderful experience have fun

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    I grew up in MN and my fondest memories as a kid was pheasant hunting with my dad, my uncles and my cousins.. I now live in Georgia but still travel up to South Dakota every fall to hunt near Chamberlain. Last year I was watching a number of YouTube videos and came across this one ( that was from a TV show called The Flush episode #9 Lemon, SD. There is a guy up in Lemon, SD that has set aside a large plot of land that he ONLY allows kids to hunt. It looks like a beautiful place with LOTS of birds and this guy is committed to Pheasants Forever and to getting youth into the field. It might be worth looking into for your daughter. Best of luck and congratulations on introducing your daughter to pheasant hunting, we need to get more kids into the sport.

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    I would recommend you get the new Public Hunting Atlas as soon as it's available. It will provide you with all the public hunting area. Just an FYI, private land is also legal to hunt during the Youth Only Season provided you can get permission. And the Youth Only Season is just one weekend plus Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Oct. 6-10. Good luck to you and your daughter. Enjoy your time in the field.
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    Thanks everyone


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