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Thread: Enthusiastic retrieve.

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    Myself, I have always used pheasant wings for the first four months of a pups life, get's them acquainted to feathers, scent. Like mentioned prior, do not over do it. Also, I have ALWAYS used a check cord from the beginning, that way you have control of the situation, not the pup. My two dogs are vastly different when it comes to fetching, my GWP could do it all day, everyday, no matter what the conditions, my LM will retrieve when told to or upon shot, but is not near as enthusiastic as the gwp, just like people, they are all different....

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    Update,, we are setting right at 5 months of age right now and I have just started getting comfortable with where she is at with her retrieve and feel we are working as a team now. Looking forward to putting a polish on it and stretching it out a bit. Thanks for your help guys.


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