As you all know now my Springer JP has the dreaded "c" and as he lays here in my lap I think of how great he's been and how lucky I am to have him.

I'm also inclined to think that it was more than just a stroke of luck that about a year ago Prairie Drifter sent me an email with a phone number for a little setter pup I may be interested in and the man's number he gave me already had dibs on the female pup but graciously offered to let me have her if I wished.

It can't be all coincidence that this pup came along when she did and was able to hunt her puppy season and split the load with the old dog. A seasoned dog with his best years behind him and a puppy with all the potential in the world made for my greatest season I've ever had. We didn't shoot a truckload of birds but we made a lot of memories that I'll always cherish.