Aye Mates,

Now in his 11th week o' life and under the continual watchful eye o' THE OL' DOG WHISTLER 🍀, the wee lad "MAC" has gone from needing to be led onto the place board to now jumping up on the command "MAC - PLACE". Once atop o' the platform, MAC has learned that he is expected to SIT and to maintain visual focus on meself / his trainer. MAC is learning that he is to STAY on the platform until released with the command "MAC - OFF". The Monday morning session earlier today was one in which edible reward is being administered upon satisfactory performance of a given command, that in conjunction with an audible click utilized as a behavioral marker. I use this process early on with young pups when working on obedience related drills. I keep motivation high by making the drills fun and interesting, always reading the dog as I proceed. As the retriever becomes more conditioned to the desired behavior, I gradually phase out the frequency of scheduled edible reward to become more intermittent. Eventually edible reward is nearly completely phased out as physical contact and verbal praise betwixt meself and the gun dog recruit become a higher valued reward. The objective will eventually be that the ultimate reward becomes the retrieve itself.

DSC05103Resized_Fotor MAC PLACEBOARD.jpg
Every session is designed to ensure the pup's success. to motivate the pup both physically and mentally, and to end on a positive note with the pup begging for more.

I am most pleased with MAC'S work ethic at such a young age and expect him to continue developing nicely as we lay the critical foundational obedience training into place, that being a most significant element in the total training program of any competent gun dog and K9 companion.

Keep an eye out for these segments as we bring wee pup MAC from the initial stages of training to those which are highly complex and demanding. Enjoy each and every moment spent with ye gun dogs Mates.

Faugh A Ballagh,