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Thread: Small Gauge Enthusiasts - 16s, 20s, a 28 and a .410s up for Auction

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    Default Small Gauge Enthusiasts - 16s, 20s, a 28 and a .410s up for Auction

    One of my best friends went West a while back and the Estate is auctioning off his firearms (and cars and other stuff).

    Anyway, I know some here really like the smaller gauges and he had several that might be of interest.

    For example, two Winchester 21s in 16ga. An AYA S/S in 16. A Zabala S/S in .410. A Model 12 in 20ga and a Model 42 in .410. A Remington 11-48 Skeet 28ga. A Winchester Model 12 in 16ga along with an 870 in 16ga. An 870 in 20ga and another 870LW in 20ga. Various and sundry 12ga too, a couple of LC Smiths, another AYA, Model 12s, etc.

    Anyway, probably worth a look if any of these pique your interest. There's handguns and rifles as well. About 50 firearms all together.

    Auction is Sat. June 9, 2018 - 9 AM in Gibbon, NE but you can bid online now and also during the auction.

    Should be able to just click on this link:

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    Sorry for the loss of your friend. It's a good thing you are doing for the family by spreading the word about the auction. Hopefully they get top dollar for everything.
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