Aye Mates,
We find ourselves at that most special crossroad whence making the decision to take and start a new gun dog pup. An exciting time filled with anticipation, love, and acceptance for our newest "pack" member and one that will see us nurturing the wee lad with all the elements o' care and training needed to forge him into a gun dog o' distinction. So though we have not yet bestowed his registered name upon him yet, we have dubbed our yellow boy with the call name of "MAC", in Irish meaning "the son of". So "MAC" as seen in this photo as he is held by me bride Lisa is a duly noted "son of" our gun dog HR UH TTF CRAIGHORN KIFFIN TRAD SH and should the wee lad become near the gun dog his sire has become, t'is going to be a grand journey taken with our first ever yellow Labrador Retriever pup. There will be many photo's of "MAC" as we progress forward with his training. "MAC" will become a member of our family in about another week, but he is already entrenched in our hearts.

DSC05148Resized_Fotor MEET MAC.jpg

Cheers Mates,