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    Iím going to be partaking in a quail hunt at a local game farm in a few weeks but Iíve never hunted quail before, heck last year was my first year hunting pheasants. Iím wondering if Iím ok with my 12 gauge or if I should borrow my uncles 20 gauge? Also, the place we are hunting is steel shot only, is 7 and 6 shot ok or should I be using a larger shot because itís steel?

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    While Quail are traditionally hunted with smaller gauges, there is certainly nothing wrong with using what your used to or most comfortable with, being your 12 ga.

    If non-tox is a must my first choice would be (if you can find it) Kent Bismuth in a 12ga. loading 1-1/16 oz. of #6 shot. It's the smallest shot size they offer and is roughly equivalent to #6 lead in density. If steel is the only option I personally would still go with #6 in say a 1oz load. A relatively open choke in either of these should be fine. Game farm Quail are not always the best flyers from my experiences, so expect the possibility of low flying birds which presents safety issues with dogs nearby. NO bird is worth a dog being shot....

    Other than that have fun....


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