Aye Mates,
So as ye may know, we bred me gun dog TRAD to a beautiful black (yellow factored) maiden named LAKE CHAFFEE'S AUTUMN STARRY NIGHT just prior to Christmas. I received a call earlier today that AUTUMN was whelping pups on day 63 since the first of four good ties we got over a few days of breeding.

All said, AUTUMN has delivered a beautiful litter of nine TRAD X AUTUMN pups. AUTUMN and the pups are all doing fine and she is thus far a highly attentive mother to the litter. The count is comprised of 3 black females, 2 black males, 2 yellow females, and 2 yellow males. Of the yellow pups, two are much lighter and the other two are more straw yellow. All are absolutely beautiful and are actively nursing.

No photos yet, but I promise to grab some and get them posted up tomorrow. Stay tuned Mates.